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Mehrunissa...India's beautiful empress with style.

The monument of love - the Taj Mahal, has fascinated the world for centuries.

Because of the marble mausoleum and the story of 'great love' which led to its construction, Mumtaz Mahal became and is the most famous Mughal woman of her time.

The Mughal woman we are more fascinated with however is Nur Jehan or Mehrunissa. The 20th and last wife of Emperor Jehangir, the father of Shah Jehan.

Nur Jehan's original name was Mehr-un-nisa. Her parents were Persian immigrants, and she was born to them while they were journeying to the Indian Sub-continent. Though her forefathers were affluent men who served at the Persian court, the poverty they endured on their journey to India, almost caused her parents to abandon her on the way. The history of Mughal India would have been a little different if they did.

Mehr-un-nisa grew to be an intelligent young woman with a flair for poetry and an independent nature. She was said to be quite beautiful too, porcelain skin, jet black hair and inky blue eyes. It was the desire of her parents to marry their daughter to a man who would understand and appreciate her intelligent nature

Nur Jehan is the only empress in the history of Mughal India who held a strong sway over the affairs of the empire. Jehangir had coinage struck in her name - a first for an empress.

She is said to have set the standard in fashion among the women in the imperial harem. Even before her marriage to Jehangir, Nur Jehan designed fabrics and fashioned her own clothes. She was also well versed in the art of making perfumes. She wrote poetry, and loved gardening.

During her time as empress, she designed many Mughal gardens. She was also very interested in architecture. It is said that the design of the Taj Mahal closely resembles the tomb of Nur Jehan's father in Agra. Known as Itmad-Ud-Daulah's tomb. She also commissioned the construction of her own mausoleum in Shahdara Bagh in Lahore, Pakistan near the tomb of Jehangir. The monument has since become quite a tourist attraction.

Nur Jehan was no angel, she was a real woman, a survivor, a person who carved her own unique niche in a time and age that didn't afford women a chance to shine, beyond marrying well and bearing children.

And for that we consider her a true heroine of her time and icon for modern Indian woman.

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