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India's beautiful empress with style.
The monument of love - the Taj Mahal, has fascinated the world for centuries.
Because of the marble mausoleum and the story of 'great love' which led to its construction, Mumtaz Mahal became and is the most famous Mughal woman of her time. more

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Turkish Jewellery

Istanbul is heaven for jewelery of kinds: amethyst,brass,gemstones,turquoise, semi-precious stones, swarowski crystals, etc. Find the perfect addition to your jewellery collection directly imported from turkey.

Persian Rugs and Carpets

Persia is well known for its carpets or rugs as its essential part of Persian art and culture. Now you get best of its kind at your doorstep.

Home Products

As its been said every culture has its own way of presenting things so we bring the best of Turkey, Italy, Singapore, Indonesia, Russia, America etc. in home products. Chopstick rest, sea shell spoon, wine glasses and many more exclusive products to come.

Orignal Murano Glass

Murano Glass is a decorative glassware of a type associated with the island of Murano near Venice which has specialized in fancy glasswares for centuries. Murano's glassmakers led Europe for centuries, developing or refining many technologies including crystalline glass, enamelled glass etc. Murano Glass is known for its best quality.

Women Coats and Jackets

Every girl in this world wants the best for her wardrobe so we at Mehrunnisa import the best quality leather jackets and coats from across the globe. Italian leather is just one of the kind that we import

Women Bags and Cluches

Do check out our luxurious collection of leather bags and clutches grabbed from across the globe.